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hollyoks site need help [Sep. 22nd, 2007|07:10 pm]
Sutton Fans

im planning on making a hollyoaks fansite,it will be full of HQ stuff,as i have the agencies for that.i do however need some help,and maybe a couple of cowebs? i will need general help,and also things like news,spoilers... i do definately need a screen capper for episodes,and i need a graphic maker..i suck at that.

please,if your interested,email me at ccarquette@aol.com

please dont contact me on here,i probably wont read it.

i want to get the site up a.s.a.p 

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E4 first look 25/6 -JP/Craig [Jun. 26th, 2007|05:53 am]
Sutton Fans

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Preview 2nd July [Jun. 25th, 2007|04:47 pm]
Sutton Fans

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Great vid of JP/Craig story so far.. [Jun. 24th, 2007|01:12 pm]
Sutton Fans

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The AXM interview (scan of pic to come) [Jun. 23rd, 2007|04:15 am]
Sutton Fans


James plays JP McQueen, the hunky gay lad in Hollyoaks. But yes, Mr Sutton is straight. Damn these producers. JP also keeps ending up in bed with his hetro best friend on the show. James talked to us about kissing men for work, losing his virginity and why he’s proud to not make his character a stereotype.

Is acting in a soap easier or more difficult than you thought it would be?

To be honest I never realised that people on soaps worked so hard. We’re the only soap that’s on five days a wek so you can imagine how quickly things have to be done. There’s not long for rehearsing or working through a scene. I like to prepare and ask all that wanky actor stuff like “what’s my motivation.” I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t.

You were aware that your character in Hollyoaks was going to turn out gay, but if you’d come from another successful show, would you still have taken the part?

Yes, of course. I was offered another job at the same time I was offered Hollyoaks but I took this one because I knew it’d be a challenge.

What was it like kissing a man in front of the whole crew?

Well, the first time it was a bit weird but now its just part and parcel of my job, I have to go to work and kiss a man!

Have you ever kissed a man before Hollyoaks?

Hmm, snogging another man .. I’m afraid as far as that goes, I’m pretty boring. I had to kiss a bloke in an Arthur Miller play a few years ago but that’s about my lot.

In all fairness, is playing gay really that much different from playing straight?

Absolutely not. If they’d wanted me to pplay it like a stereotype, like Anthony Cotton in Coronation Street I wouldn’t have done it. That to me is cheating – the gay guys I know aren’t like that at all, I mean it is great that he’s playing it like that and his character is really popular – he won Best Actor at the Soap Awards – but my character John Paul just isn’t like that. He’s just like his straight mates except he likes men.

Do the public think you’re gay for real?

They do ask me questions .. quite regularly, in fact, I don’t usually get heckled in the street or anything but one guy shouted “Queer”. I just laughed. If I am I’m a well paid queer!

Like your character have you ever been secretly in love with one of your friends?

I haven’t myself but I had a couple of text messages off a couple of old friends of mine who are gay and they asked “is art imitating life”. They said they’ve gone through exactly the same kind of things as John Paul.

Because they were in love with you?

Erm (Laughs) I’m embarrassed now! Possibly they were.

Given that Hollyoaks has a large teenage audience, do you think that it promotes promiscuity because it contains so much sex?

I don’t think it promotes promiscuity. Teenagers these days know what its all about. I watched a programme the other night about teenage sex and kids are all at it.

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Erm, 15

So, a slut then

No, 16

You were up for three Soap Awards, was there one you wanted to win?

The Most Dramatic Performance I think. I’m kinda proud of the scene where JP comes out to Craig and tells him he loves him at Hannah’s 18th. There was a lot of crying. I’m proud of that one.

Do you think you’re good looking?

I don’t really think about that sort of thing.

Oh come on. You don’t think you got the part in Hollyoaks because you’re a minger do you?

(Laughs) Well I don’t think I’m that special. I have good skin. I moisturise twice a day.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?

South of France

Do you prefer sun or snow holidays?


Does the heat make you a) horny b) irritable c) sweaty


Are you going away this year?

Yes I’m going to Bangkok for two days and Phuket for five

If you could transfer to another soap which one would you choose?

Probably the Bill, if I wasn’t an actor I’d quite fancy being a copper.

What’s the gayest record in your collection?

Is the new Take That record particularly gay?


My girlfriend bought me that a while ago, some of its not too bad.


I’ve got a couple of musical soundtracks kicking about somewhere in my collection, probably the Wizard of Oz which I was in a few years back. That’s pretty gay!

Right, ****, Marry Kill .. Sarah Louise Platt from Corrie, Katie Sugden from Emmerdale or Beth Green in the Bill

**** the first, marry the second and kill the lat one without a shadow of a doubt – Sarah-Louise and Katie are fit!

Have you ever looked at porn on the internet?


How is the storyline for JP going to pan out?

I don’t know at the moment. They had a big storyline meeting this morning and they haven’t got back to met yet. I’m not sure what they’ve got in store for JP once Craig leaves. To be honest I’d like to move away from the sexuality side of JP, I think we’ve established he’s gay, we get it, so lets see him just getting on with this life in a happy way. But being a soap, it probably wont stay that way for long!
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Excellent fan vid [Jun. 19th, 2007|12:12 pm]
Sutton Fans

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Spoiler Images [Jun. 19th, 2007|06:55 am]
Sutton Fans


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Spoilers for the continuation of the JP/Craig storyline.. [Jun. 19th, 2007|06:20 am]
Sutton Fans

Upcoming detailed spoilers for the continuation of the JP/Craig storyline..

Mon 25/6/07
Calvin (Ricky Whittle), Louise (Roxanne McKee), Max (Matt Littler), OB (Darren Jeffries) and Warren (Jamie Lomas) are all questioned about their whereabouts when Clare (Gemma Bissix) was pushed. Katy (Hannah Tointon) is relieved when Justin (Chris Fountain) regains consciousness in hospital, but he\'s alarmed by the news about Clare. Rhys (Andrew Moss) bonds with his new dad (Craig Cheetham) in The Dog. Jake (Kevin Sacre) tries to talk some sense into Rhys but when Noel hits the jackpot on a fruit machine Rhys becomes distracted by his dad\'s rock n roll attitude and heads off into town.

Tues 26/6/07

Craig (Guy Burnet) and Sarah (Loui Batley) bump into John Paul (James Sutton). The lads cringe as Sarah berates them for not seeing each other for so long, and an awkward Craig ends up inviting John Paul to join them on their night out. Craig is on edge as John Paul questions him about his sexuality. After seeing the video from the McQueens\' hen night Max (Matt Littler) insists OB (Darren Jeffries) isn\'t a murderer and deletes the footage. But when OB returns, Max asks him where he was when Clare (Gemma Bissix) was pushed. Feeling under suspicion, OB retaliates and the pair end up fighting.

Wed 27/6/07
John Paul (James Sutton) tells Craig (Guy Burnet) he is a coward and a fake but accepts that he wants to be in love with Sarah (Loui Batley). Craig admits that he does want to love Sarah but that it\'s John Paul that he really loves. They finally kiss... Rhys (Andrew Moss) is with Noel (Craig Cheetham) in the SU bar, waiting for a girl he met the night before to arrive. But Rhys returns from the toilet to find Noel chatting the same girl up and about to leave. Noel gives Rhys a wink, claiming all\'s fair in love and war, and suggests he should find somewhere else to sleep that night.

Thurs 28/6/07
Noel (Craig Cheetham) tells Rhys (Andrew Moss) he\'s leaving Hollyoaks: wanting to have the same reckless and carefree attitude, Rhys decides to go with him. But while he\'s packing, Rhys overhears Neville (Jim Millea) and Noel arguing. As Neville implores Noel not to take Rhys with him, Rhys realises Neville cares about him more than Noel ever will. Craig (Guy Burnet) and John Paul (James Sutton) find some time alone: Craig leans in to kiss John Paul but John Paul pulls away, unsure of Craig\'s commitment. Craig assures him he\'s finally realised his feelings for John Paul are genuine and they kiss passionately. Max (Matt Littler) can\'t keep it together when visiting time is up at the social services office and pleads with Tom (Ellis Hollins) to come home. Still conscious of Clare\'s (Gemma Bissix) threat, Tom clams up and OB (Darren Jeffries) has to urge Max to leave the office.

Fri 29/6/07
Everyone is shocked when John Paul (James Sutton) announces he\'s splitting up with Spike (Tom Vaughan). Craig (Guy Burnet) is uneasy as he begins to think of the implications of what he\'s getting into. He promises to finish with Sarah (Loui Batley) when he can find the right time. Clare (Gemma Bissix) takes a turn for the worse, but just as she seems to be on her way out, she jolts back to life. Later, she tells Detective Grant (Gil Kolirin) she knows exactly who pushed her. With sweet revenge in her voice, she tells the detective it was Warren (Jamie Lomas).
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JP/Craig Icons [Jun. 15th, 2007|02:16 pm]
Sutton Fans

Spent most of yesterday making some JP/Craig icons because I am just so in love with that storyline right now!


Find the rest at my livejournal
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27th June Spoiler [Jun. 13th, 2007|03:40 am]
Sutton Fans


I'm going to be glued to my TV for this..
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